Watchout! Who’s watching you?


Spotted on February 22 in Culver City

Many people ask me for urban safety tips. I’m flattered by the attention and often feel obligated to provide an answer, though I don’t feel fully qualified to speak authoritatively on the subject. As a result, I often invent answers based on what I think the person wants to hear.

Recently a young man inquired about the best way to know if someone is watching him. I imparted my most useful piece of wisdom – to ALWAYS check the bushes. Shortly afterward, he sent me the following image, with a note of thanks for saving his life. Apparently this peel had been watching him for weeks, waiting outside his work. And thanks to me, he was able to have it removed. He offered to send me a box of Bosc pears in appreciation. I told him that it was the least I could do, and I don’t like pears, but a small donation would be appreciated.

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Watchout! Suspicious Behavior

On January 30, I ventured out of my house for a nice walk in the neighborhood. It was a lovely day, and I saw many interesting things, bought an overpriced juice, and browsed in the bookstore. The big city is a fascinating place, but it can be dangerous, too, as I discovered when I narrowly evaded these ominous characters loitering suspiciously in the neighborhood.


Where the sidewalk starts or ends, depends on which direction you’re going.


Spotted near a mysterious marking, on Franklin and Hillhurst.


Yikes – Somebody lost their lunch!

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Watchout! Banana Peels in the Big Apple

A while back, The Wall Street Journal reported that people in New York eat about 600 million bananas a year. That’s 1,643,835 bananas a day. That would explain why, on a recent trip there, we documented 4 peels in one day. Imagine how many more we missed! Thankfully we made it home safely.


The Kraken of Brooklyn waits for its next victim.



On Oct. 11, someone threw all their snacks at the trash can, and missed.


A bottle of gin and a coupla bananas: the makings of a great dinner date? Or was this a passive-aggressive move by an angry drunk? Either way, somebody left their trash on the street for everyone to see.


That mop might come in handy if someone slips on that peel.

Thanks Daniel for the great photos!

Watchout: Catching up with the Peel Patrol

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