Watchout! Banana Peels in the Big Apple

A while back, The Wall Street Journal reported that people in New York eat about 600 million bananas a year. That’s 1,643,835 bananas a day. That would explain why, on a recent trip there, we documented 4 peels in one day. Imagine how many more we missed! Thankfully we made it home safely.


The Kraken of Brooklyn waits for its next victim.



On Oct. 11, someone threw all their snacks at the trash can, and missed.


A bottle of gin and a coupla bananas: the makings of a great dinner date? Or was this a passive-aggressive move by an angry drunk? Either way, somebody left their trash on the street for everyone to see.


That mop might come in handy if someone slips on that peel.

Thanks Daniel for the great photos!

2 thoughts on “Watchout! Banana Peels in the Big Apple

  1. Thomas A Nelson says:

    I’ve cancelled my NYC trip. This is getting out of control.



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