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Seen: Shucking corn on Sunset Blvd

sunset blvd

His mama thinks he’s special. So do I…And that’s the truth. But what will he do with the corn husks when he’s done? Corn silk can pose a hazard to pedestrians.

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Snack aisle

This guy is taking forever to pick out his snacks!

Ahem…. could you hurry it up please? Other people are waiting to pick out their snacks too!

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Seen: 1:52 AM

Tonight at the local fry pit, this onion joined a group of popular customers eating burgers at a window table. “He’s a Maui Sweet onion,” explained a head of lettuce. “He always knows what to say.”

“He’s a real smoothie,” agreed a chocolate milkshake. “He told me I was fat free… and I believed him!”

Later, the onion left with the group and the other ingredients weren’t sorry. The fry pit staff were also relieved: “He was the worst onion in the bag,”  said one.  “I could smell him a mile away. I’m glad he’s gone.”


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SEEN: 1:13 PM

In a neglected corner of the botanical gardens.

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