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Local Visionary: Interview with Psychic Reader Annabel


Annabel tells the fortune of Veronica Bee, of the Neighborhood Hoarders’ Association.

Q: What was your first psychic vision?

A. I was on the monkey bars and I was struck with a vision of my neighbor, Miss Wright, lying on the sidewalk.  Not long afterward, Miss Wright slipped on a banana peel outside Safeway! That’s when I started telling fortunes at recess in exchange for stickers. Now I charge $10.

Q. Can you see people’s secrets?

A. Yes! For example, I know you have a tattoo of a rat on your lower back.


Annabel predicts that the neighborhood will improve soon.

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Believe it or not…

Here at watchoutbananapeel, we care about more than just wayward fruit rinds. We also explore universal, sometimes difficult issues, in the hope that lost souls can find some comfort here.

We're not simply a public safety awareness site. We also explore essential questions about the human experience.

Some of the issues that we care about.

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Seen: Shucking corn on Sunset Blvd

sunset blvd

His mama thinks he’s special. So do I…And that’s the truth. But what will he do with the corn husks when he’s done? Corn silk can pose a hazard to pedestrians.

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