Watchout! Bad Vibes

Back in January, I ventured out of my home and noticed a new shop had materialized on the main avenue. I felt myself drawn with a mysterious magnetism toward its open, incense-scented doors and through its beaded curtain to the crystal-studded cave within. Helpful clerks in long, flowing gowns glided helpfully towards me, took my hand, and made surprisingly accurate statements regarding my aura and the mass of dark energy that has taken roost in my soul recently.

I emptied my pockets of money and filled them up again with quartz, lapis and amethyst talismans, and sipped from a complimentary goblet of a sweet tea with rose petals floating in it. After several hours in this jeweled room, my new friends bid me farewell at the door, but I was immediately accosted by this unsavory fellow hanging around outside. There was something dark about him –serious bad vibes, as if he held terrible secrets under that skin, and wished me great harm. Even the plants in the windowsill seemed to scream in warning as I passed by. I held my new crystals tight, trusted my intuition and got the hell away.

Watchout! New Age Horror

Spotted back in January, stalking the customers of a New Age crystal shop.

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Watchout! Pit Stop Specter

I spend many nights driving on lonely highways. I drive for hours, until my eyes get blurry and ghosts start to rise up from the fields alongside the road. That’s when I know it’s time for a pit stop!

I enjoy gas stations and pit stops for their fluorescence, their aisles of bounty, and their particular grimy charm.  One night recently, I stopped at one of my usual roadside haunts, which I like because they have my favorite cheese straws, and the same woman is always working at the cash register. Night after night, her kiosk glows in the darkness, and her kind smile and efficient change leaves one feeling cared for, and refreshed for the onward journey.

The only downside of this pit stop is its large, untended trash area, where unsavory characters often lurk in the shadows, waiting for customers whose wits are dulled by hours of night driving. Dazzled by the sudden brightness of the Food Mart, I didn’t see this ominous individual until it was nearly too late – and I nearly paid a heavy price.  Thankfully I escaped with these photographs, exact change, and a couple bags of cheese sticks to tide me over til my next stop…

Watchout! Sad sacks

I spotted these sad sacks while walking in the Richmond district over the holidays. It was a stunning winter day, with no fog in the forecast. Yet these poor peels were acting like the world was about to end. Sadly, for them, it might be true…For what is a peel but an empty shell? Maybe that’s why they lash out at anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths.

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It Sheds Its Skin

Watchout! Something left its creepy old skin on the corner. But WHERE DID IT GO?

Spotted on November 26, somewhere on Earth.

Spotted on November 26, somewhere on Earth.

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Watchout! Krazies on the Street

Last December, a local couple went on a date to a trendy restaurant near their house in Silverlake. They vented about work, bad drivers, and noisy neighbors over a carafe of house wine and plates of glistening chicken and noodles. After a couple of hours, they left the restaurant holding hands, feeling closer than ever. It was later than they thought – past the witching hour, and they had to walk a couple of blocks to their car. Dazed and sedated by the wine and salty food, they did not notice the eerie figures hanging out on the corner…until it was too late.

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