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Watchout! Marina Mess

Several of watchoutbananapeel’s most watchful vigilantes live in San Francisco. Today we’d like to pay tribute to Jane, whose selfless reporting has warned the public about dozens of peels over the years. Recently she spotted a nasty scene in the Marina District.


The severed pieces lay horribly where they’d fallen.


The sighting triggered a memory of this  shocking scene, spotted back in March of 2017.

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Watchout! Lying in wait


Thanks to Julietta for alerting us to this hazard outside the De Young Museum, near the lotus pond, on July 4.

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Watchout! No parking lot is safe


Daniel spotted this speckled specimen hanging around the Home Depot near Frogtown, Monday evening, June 29.

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Watchout! Bad Breakfast

Bob spotted this spidery remains of someone's rushed breakfast, on the street in oakland.

Somebody else will clean it up.

Bob’s hobbies often lead him to the UHaul in San Rafael. One day, while wandering among the trucks, he spied the spidery remains of someone’s rushed breakfast. He didn’t pick it up, either.

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Watchout: Saturday Morning Hazard

April 11, 1:30 PM: Silver Lake Blvd, across from LAMILL coffee.

April 11, 1:30 PM: Silver Lake Blvd, across from LAMILL coffee.

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