Watchout! on the streets of LA


Spotted at 11:03 AM on December 6. Despicable.


We can only speculate as to what happened here on December 20, but it looks like some unlucky bird wasn’t fast enough to escape the jaws of this slimy beast.


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2 thoughts on “Watchout! on the streets of LA

  1. T. A. Nelson says:

    Re: 12/06 photo; consider the possibility of this peel as an intentional decoy, designed to cause an unsuspecting pedestrian to divert his or her step to avoid slipping and into the thicket in which a (barely) concealed snare awaits. The snare cord is visible, as you may have already detected.

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  2. Very plausible. Other readers have noticed a recent uptick in the prevalence of dental floss on the city. We can’t ignore the possibility that they have joined forces and are in cahoots!


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