Watchout! Bad Bunch

Our local gourmet grocery store is hit or miss. Their food is many times more expensive than other shops, and we’ve learned you should always check your receipt after leaving, because the cashiers can sometimes get careless and charge you for two clusters of cotton-candy grapes instead of one. On the other hand, you can usually get furikake or chestnut puree for a decent price. Sometimes, solicitors loiter outside with clipboards, calling out to customers as they go in and out of the store. They are usually harmless, but once or twice have been overly aggressive. This shriveled bunch was lurking outside in the parking lot on September 27. They were hiding behind a pole, but I spotted them immediately. They claim to be organic, but I can never tell with bananas.


Watchout! Security Breach

I spotted this peel on December 20 on Clement Street in San Francisco, trying to escape from a closed Chinese herbs shop. Luckily, the bars held fast.


He won’t get far!

Watchout! Possible Signal


A reader spotted this specimen in a parking lot back in August. The reader was concerned that it may have intentionally placed itself in this numbered space, as an attempt to communicate with other peels. I don’t know for sure, but I can’t rule it out, either.

Watchout! Gross-out!

On November 18, I was walking to my car after work in Glendale. It was already dark out, and I was imagining the delicious dinner I would make when I got home. Then I came across this nasty scrap of a peel rotting on the curb, and immediately lost my appetite.


Thanks a lot for spoiling my dinner!

Watchout! Party’s Over

On Sunday mornings, the sidewalks are littered with the relics of Saturday night’s debauchery. Many times, I have gone out for coffee on a Sunday morning and stepped over champagne corks, confetti, wigs and mustaches, empty liquor bottles, and much worse.  Last Sunday around noon, I spotted this menace haunting a shuttered cannabis club on Melrose Avenue.

2016.1.9. Melrose Ave

It only looks like it’s sleeping.

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