Watchoutbananapeel is back!

I bet you’re wondering what happened to me. I bet you lay awake at night wondering where I was. Maybe you slipped on a peel or two since I wasn’t here to warn you. Sorry about that…. Anyway, watchoutbananapeel is back! Follow this trail of peels to retrace my steps for the past year.

7.25.13 3-50-23 PM pt lobos?

I was probably on my way to Walgreens when I spotted this artfully nibbled PB&J crust and accompanying peel. July 25, at 3:50 PM, near Point Lobos.

7.27.13 555.23pm it was saturday

July 27, 2013, 5:55PM. As I recall, I was walking with a friend near Nob Hill, talking about face oil and its surprising benefits for the complexion. am geary tenderloin waiting for bus in am

August 1, 8:56 AM, Geary and Taylor. I remember this moment well: waiting for the 38 Geary outside Walgreens.

8.1.13 7-45-38 PM downtown

Later that day at 7:45 PM, I must have been out to dinner or something when I spotted this shrunken peel amid the wandering footprints of some disoriented bird. Looks like the bird managed to escape a nasty slip!

8.2.13. 412pm clement? what did i do that day?

August 2, 4:12 PM. Took the day off and spotted these suspicious characters lurking under a parklet on Clement.

8.3.13 1-06-23 PM it was saturday so what was i doing?

August 3, 1:06 PM. It was a Saturday, so what was I doing? This trash can looks familiar, but I can’t remember.

August 8, 10:35 AM. It was a Thursday, so I was probably on my way to the dentist.

August 8, 10:35 AM. It was a Thursday, so I was probably on my way to the dentist.

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4 thoughts on “Watchoutbananapeel is back!

  1. Thomas A Nelson says:

    Oh, thank god! Writing this from my traction harness in The Orthopedic Surgery wing of the hospital. That’s right – one got me as I was moving toward the window of the local taxidermist’s shop (intrigued by recently completed Armadillo). I do not assign blame to you, however, Dear watchoutbananapeel. My pre-dementia condition is the culprit, certainly. Glad you’re back.



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    • Dear T.A. Nelson, Thank you for writing. I think many of our readers can relate to your situation. I’ve spoken to that irresponsible taxidermist, who eventually agreed to give you the Armadillo as a gift. It will be delivered to your hospital room at midnight. Best wishes on your recovery.


  2. Maria Morgan says:

    Re: August 3rd, 1:06 pm. So close, but no cigar.


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