Blind Dates

Here’s a recap of this weekend’s blind dates. How’d they go? We’re dying for details!

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

The Date: A trip to the teddy bear factory

Esteban: “I thought she’d like it because I heard she was creative. I also wanted to show my soft side!”

Connie: “I was surprised, but it was actually pretty fun. I made a red bear with red eyes.”

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

The Date: Morning coffee at Chalky’s Cafe

Ferguson: “If Chalky’s scones don’t make a good impression, nothing will! Monté ate all the raspberry jam, and talked a lot about carpentry for some reason.”

Monté: “We ordered the ‘scornucopia’, a kind of wicker horn full of scones. The coffee was good, but I’m not sure if Ferguson got my sense of humor.”

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

The Date: A private tour of the Natural History Museum

Sal: “Morgana looked astonishing. Her eyes glittered with a lepidopteran sheen.”

Morgana: “Sal knew a lot about the rocks in the museum. I learned a lot, and he even bought me a spider puppet at the gift shop!”

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

The Date: An afternoon concert by pianist Ted Tusk

Harald: “Susan and I had a lot in common. But I would describe the music as ‘challenging’.”

Susan: “Harald reminded me of myself. We struggle with a lot of the same issues, like frizz and bacne, and we’re both judgmental of strangers. I’d like to see Harald again.”

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