The Stink Suit: An Astronaut’s Story, Part 1

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

It all started with a man called Marcus Stink and his marvelous invention: a spacesuit with a patented survival system that manages food, water and waste disposal in a continuous cycle.

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

By recycling one meal virtually forever, the suit cut the space program's costs dramatically. The only downside? No more astronaut ice cream!

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

The suit had never been tested in space, so I was selected, along with six other prime astronauts, for this critical mission. I was so excited! But something went wrong.

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

I still don't know exactly what happened. One minute we were in the middle of a rockabilly dance party, and I was gathering the courage to ask Carrie Sample for the next dance...

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

...and the next thing I knew, I was floating in open space, amid the debris of the metal capsule I had once called Home. That was a long time ago—I have no idea how long. All I know is, I'm still here.

© watchoutbananapeel 2012

Marcus Stink's survival suit keeps me alive. I only wish he knew how well it works! I feel pretty good these days, keeping busy thinking and remembering. Sometimes, I dance.

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