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Jester Auditions

The jester auditions took place this evening at the local conference center:


The contestants, from left to right: Casey Silver, 22, a graduate of Amadeus Academy for Young Jesters; ZibberZabber McGee, 35, winner of the 2005 Pockmark Prize for Best Joke; and Jake Faffles, an amateur jester discovered outside Waverley Station.

Talent only gets you so far — a jester has to have the right look!

After several drinks, Judge Claudia disclosed a conflict of interest, and was disqualified from the contest. Not that it would have mattered anyway, because the king makes the ultimate choice.


Known for his ruthless, arbitrary decisions, the king is not easy to please! The electronica dance medley from the Rusty Rake Jester Troupe, for example, did not go over well.


In the end, the king declared Gargles, the incumbent jester, to be the winner. They headed for the feast, while the others shuffled out of the auditorium into the night, toward their various hovels, lofts and sleeping-places.

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