Watchout: Catching up with the Peel Patrol

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Backup Plan

If all else fails, you need to have a backup plan. And if that falls through too, don’t worry! You still have options.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

Revive old family sasparilla business

Revive the old family sasparilla business

Street Style Blogger

Street Style Blogger



Rely on Wishful Thinking

Rely on Wishful Thinking

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Flashback: peels from the past

Today we continue to follow the trail of peels back in time, featuring some notable sightings from late 2013/early 2014.

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Watchoutbananapeel is back!

I bet you’re wondering what happened to me. I bet you lay awake at night wondering where I was. Maybe you slipped on a peel or two since I wasn’t here to warn you. Sorry about that…. Anyway, watchoutbananapeel is back! Follow this trail of peels to retrace my steps for the past year.

7.25.13 3-50-23 PM pt lobos?

I was probably on my way to Walgreens when I spotted this artfully nibbled PB&J crust and accompanying peel. July 25, at 3:50 PM, near Point Lobos.

7.27.13 555.23pm it was saturday

July 27, 2013, 5:55PM. As I recall, I was walking with a friend near Nob Hill, talking about face oil and its surprising benefits for the complexion. am geary tenderloin waiting for bus in am

August 1, 8:56 AM, Geary and Taylor. I remember this moment well: waiting for the 38 Geary outside Walgreens.

8.1.13 7-45-38 PM downtown

Later that day at 7:45 PM, I must have been out to dinner or something when I spotted this shrunken peel amid the wandering footprints of some disoriented bird. Looks like the bird managed to escape a nasty slip!

8.2.13. 412pm clement? what did i do that day?

August 2, 4:12 PM. Took the day off and spotted these suspicious characters lurking under a parklet on Clement.

8.3.13 1-06-23 PM it was saturday so what was i doing?

August 3, 1:06 PM. It was a Saturday, so what was I doing? This trash can looks familiar, but I can’t remember.

August 8, 10:35 AM. It was a Thursday, so I was probably on my way to the dentist.

August 8, 10:35 AM. It was a Thursday, so I was probably on my way to the dentist.

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is this peel half full or half empty?

Spotted on July 9 at 5:10:40, Geary and 40th Avenue.

What’s your philosophy? Spotted on July 9 at 17:10, Geary and 40th Avenue.

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watchout! downtown danger


Spotted on June 22, 5:05 PM in Union Square.

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Hans always dreamed of being in the spotlight, but he was always too shy to audition for anything. So, at age 62, he makes do with bi-annual dental visits, where he can bask in the bright lights for just a little while. 

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The King’s Dream Team: Night 1

The king has been experimenting with lucid dreaming and dream interpretation. On the advice of his specially assembled “Dream Team”, he’s been asking himself throughout the day whether he’s awake or dreaming. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes! Tonight, he will report every dream he remembers.

The king fell asleep to his favorite fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. Some of the other fairy tales are too scary for him.

Night 1: Dream 1: “The Drifter”: His first dream was about a drifter in a shantytown. The drifter made a hilarious joke, but when the king woke up it made no sense, and then he forgot what it was.

Night 1, Dream 1

Night 1, Dream 1: The Drifter

Night 1, Dream 2: “Viennese Bliss”:  A sensory rather than plot-driven dream. The velvety scent of powdered wigs… the shiffle-shuffle of stiff fabrics on the dancefloor…electricity in the air as Mozart’s hands tumble across the keys in a private concert. The king achieved Level 1 lucidity in this dream when he realized he was dreaming and decided to heckle Mozart. He immediately awoke and reported to the Dream Team, who took enthusiastic notes.

Dream #2

Dream #2: Viennese Bliss

Night 1, Dream 3: “Subconscious Vomit”: This was the Dream Interpreter’s chance to shine — and she failed. Nobody could offer any interpretation that made any kind of sense. All the king could say was that he was “watching the scene from above” and “the birds had human eyes”, none of which was useful information. The Dream Team concluded that sometimes, dreams are just brain barf.

Dream #3

Dream #3: “Subconscious Vomit”

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Mrs C. Pinsticker, Philanthropist

She’s got a purse full of pennies for worthy causes, but particularly for causes supporting the wellbeing of insects and parasites. She’s a patron of the Free the Flies Foundation and has also donated generously to the Happy Hornets Home and the Society for Starving Pinworms & Neglected Nematodes.


She’s on her way to the charity auction for the Center for Misunderstood Mosquitoes.

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Watchout! Hazardous surf

Beware of the hazardous surf...spotted May 9, 6:30 PM, Ocean Beach.

The signs at the beach warn you about hazardous surf, riptide, and post-rainstorm bacteria, but they don’t warn you about dangers like this! Spotted May 9 at 6:30 PM, Ocean Beach.

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The aging fugitives

Two aging fugitives met today at a chain cafe by the bus depot. Commuters, absorbed in their thoughts, wandered past as the fugitives shared stories of life on the lam, venting their frustrations over stale wine and a Mediterranean plate. Inside, at a table near the restrooms, two office workers shared a plate of buffalo wings and traded tips on the best ways to waste the hours between 3 and 5 PM.

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Watchout! Stay indoors!

Spotted in Berkeley on Sacramento near Hopkins, May 18, 10:23 PM.

Spotted in Berkeley on Sacramento St. near Hopkins, May 17, 10:23 PM. Appears to have been dropped on the run. Could this be connected to the recent reports of a bellowing simian creature in the area? 

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A Warm Welcome


We like to keep this area free from debris of all kinds, including crumbs, pocket lint, and skin cells. THANKS!!


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Watchout! Among the jellies

Spotted trying to blend in with the jellyfish, at 7:40 PM on May 3, Ocean Beach.

Spotted trying to blend in with the jellyfish, at 7:40 PM on May 3, Ocean Beach.

Jellies are slippery too!
Jellies are slippery too, as I quickly discovered!


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Watchout! Peels in the grass

Spotted at 8:42 AM on May 2, 42nd and Geary.

Spotted at 8:42 AM on May 2, 42nd and Geary.

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watchout! parking lot peel

As if the Berkeley Bowl parking lot wasn't already dangerous enough, this peel was right underfoot as I got out of the car. Spotted on 3/22 at 12:19 PM.

I thought I found a lucky spot in the Berkeley Bowl parking lot — until I opened the door and this peel was right underfoot! Spotted on 3/22 at 12:19 PM.

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Welcome New Neighbors!


When the building residents heard noises from the vacant apartment, they assumed it was rats. Bonnie Beard had her husband call the Tenants’ Association to complain, and they informed him that the New Neighbors were moving in! Bonnie quickly spread the word.


Sigrid in Apt 5 always hosts a catered party for new neighbors, in an attempt to win them over before they get to know her habits.


The New Neighbors have never felt so welcome! “Our old neighbors were so judgemental…We finally feel at home!” croaked Jerry, the unofficial spokesman for the group.


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Peel Updates: Dried Up and Lonely

Some places are just peel magnets! You might remember the infamous Watchout Week of January 18-24, when a new peel appeared in the same spot at 43rd and Clement every few days. This pile o’peels was neglected for a while, but got back in action on March 20.

Back in Action: March 20 at 8:34 AM

Back in action: March 20 at 8:34 AM

Remember this peel from March 6? It was still there on March 21 — almost unrecognizable.

Dried-up and lonely: March 21, 5:15 PM, Geary and 44th.

Dried-up and lonely: March 21, 5:15 PM, Geary and 44th.

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Watchout! This peel’s got rhythm!

Spotted on Saturday, March 16, in West Oakland.

Spotted on March 16, near West Grand Avenue in Oakland.

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